Lisa Rafeal Design

“During Lisa’s time with FCB Advertising she worked as Art Director in my creative department. She proved that not only she was capable of producing initial concepts - often under considerable pressure - but that she could ‘follow work through’ to the finished product in a professional manner. Having worked on a wide range of accounts, Lisa proved to be hardworking and diligent.”

Paul Delaney
Creative Director
Foote Cone & Belding Advertising

“Lisa proved herself to be vivacious, reliable, hard-working and a resourceful person. Time and time again she proved her ability to deal with problems in an expedient and organized manner. She worked well under pressure handling deadlines for both clients and Gilbert Doyle Advertising. In short, Lisa is a highly productive person with both vision and creativity.”

Ralph Doyle
Creative Director
Gilbert Doyle Advertising

“During the last year and a half our design firm, Moonink Communications, has worked extensively with Lisa during her tenure at the Quaker Oats Company. We worked with her in her role as Design Manager on several projects. Some of these projects were extremely complex, involving coordination between our efforts, the marketing department and outside vendors. Her design management skills, creativity and attention to detail made her a valuable part of the Quaker Packaging Department team. In dozens of week to week contacts, her coordination of projects and follow up was flawless. In addition, Lisa is a seasoned “hands-on” designer. We believe she is capable of handling virtually any creative or creative/management role with expertise and professionalism. We would unhesitatingly recommend her as a “find” for virtually any creative or design management function.”

Bruce D. Beck
Senior Vice President
Moonink Communications

“Lisa possesses many of the skills necessary as an Art Director such as concept development, design ability and organization. Lisa easily fit into our working environment and while at Let’s Live has had good associations with her co-workers as well as illustrators and photographers who were used.”

Heidi Larson
Creative Director
Let’s Live Magazine

“Lisa has proven to be a reliable, conscientious, and competent employee. Moreover, Lisa is thoughtful, thorough, and efficient in completing her work assignments. Lisa also has done a fine job is using the software tools she had at Riverside Publishing (Quark, Photoshop, MS word to name a few). Her familiarity and efficiency in using these tools added to her productivity. Lisa has strong interpersonal and communication skills that are a real asset in accomplishing project goals. Her cooperative work style and pleasant demeanor has made it a real pleasure to work with her.”

Daniel J. Foertsch, Ph.D.
Senior Project Director
Riverside Publishing Company

“I was fortunate enough to hire Lisa as a free-lance designer for the summer. She conceptualized, designed, and produced an advertising campaign focused on recruiting students to Georgetown University School of Medicine’s graduate programs. She did an excellent job working with department heads and was able to quickly understand their individual programs and combine their needs into a comprehensive advertising campaign. Her posters are now being distributed throughout the United States and I am confident that they will attract new students to our programs. Lisa is extremely creative, professional, and organized. On a more personal note, Lisa is also a pleasure to work with. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to you. If fact, I am sorry to see such a talented individual leave.”

Clay C. Daughtridge
Associate Director
Georgetown University Medical Center

“This document pertains to the Suave Month Selling Brochure produced for us by Lisa Hoel and the Creative Resources Department for the upcoming Suave Month. I wanted to make you aware of the great response I have received from everyone affected by this aspect of the Suave Month Selling Kit. Business Planning has informed me that the response from our field sales have been incredibly positive: “The overall reaction has been outstanding...the comments I’ve heard are ‘It’s the best we’ve ever had’...’we’ve never had anything this nice to sell with before’ is definitely a great (selling) piece.”

Janet Stoddard
Assistant Creative Director
Helene Curtis

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